Fantastic Job, After Hours Service

“I had a brand new heater installed by another company fail on the first night it was needed, which was a real cold night. At first the other company said they couldn’t make it out until the next morning. I wanted it addressed the same day, so I called around to a bunch of companies and ABT was the only company that agreed to come out after hours for a small extra fee. I ended up having to cancel with ABT for that job because I had made such a fuss with the other company that they were eventually guilted into making it out the same day before ABT, but I was so appreciative that ABT had agreed to a same day job, I scheduled them for maintenance at another location which I hadn’t realized was in bad shape until shortly before they arrived. The technician who did the evaluation was new to the industry but was real friendly and did a fantastic job diagnosing the cause of the leak which had gotten worse than the last time I looked at it and got me scheduled to have him and a helper come out to do the full repair, which was just a bit bigger job than he had set aside time for today. The heater still works, albeit with quite a leak until they make it back out, but he explained what I should do to get and keep the area dry until they’re able to make it back out to do the whole repair. He also did a check up on another heater that was in much better condition. Anyway, I’m just really pleased with the company for their initially agreeing to a same day job while everybody in the industry was booked solid and I was quite pleased with the technician they sent out to work on my older bigger heater that had sprung a leak due to incorrect maintenance before I had moved into the second location.”

-Alex E