Image of ductless system. Planning to Remodel? Go Ductless!

Planning to Remodel? Go Ductless!

March 15, 2023

A ductless system, also known as a mini split, can add comfort to areas of your Utah home where ductwork cannot reach.

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Image of a person. Video - Why Does My Heat Pump Smell Like It's Burning?

Video – Why Does My Heat Pump Smell Like It’s Burning?

February 27, 2023

You turn on your heat pump, and you smell something burning. What should you do? Who should you call first, the fire department or your HVAC technician?

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A man ponders on a laptop. Why Is My Furnace Filter Soggy?

Why Is My Furnace Filter Soggy?

February 15, 2023

The bad news is there is something wrong with your furnace. The good news is it can usually be repaired quickly.

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Image of someone wrapped in a blanket. Video - Upgrade Your Furnace.

Video – Upgrade Your Furnace

January 31, 2023

Upgrade your furnace for increased energy efficiency and heating cost reduction.

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A person uses a thermostat. Heat Pump Versus Furnace.

Heat Pump Versus Furnace

January 12, 2023

Looking to install a new heater in your Lehi home? Your two most popular choices are a heat pump and a furnace.

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A gas furnace being ignited. Why Is the Furnace Pilot Light Going Out?

Why Is the Furnace Pilot Light Going Out?

December 15, 2022

If you ever hear your gas furnace turn on but cannot feel any warm air blowing from the vents inside your Utah home, chances are the pilot light went out.

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How to Determine Heat Pump Efficiency

How to determine Heat Pump Efficiency

September 30, 2022

HSPF stands for Heating Seasonal Performance Factor. This rating represents the amount of heat units produced (BTUs––British Thermal Units) by the total amount of electricity (watt-hours) used over the course of a season. Generally speaking, the higher a heat pump’s HSPF, the more efficient it is.

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Heat pump sitting on the side of a home. Transitioning Your Heat Pump.

Transitioning Your Heat Pump

September 15, 2022

One reason Utah homeowners love heat pumps is they function as an all-in-one unit. Instead of purchasing and maintaining a separate furnace and air conditioning system, you can simply transition your heat pump from the heat setting to the cooling setting and vice versa as seasons warrant. 

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gentleman on the phone in front of a computer asking questions about his heat pump freezing up

Why Is My Heat Pump Freezing Up?

August 25, 2022

Though common, a heat pump freeze-up usually means your system’s components are not working correctly. Sometimes you can fix it yourself.

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This is a blurred image of a brand new air conditioning system

How to Properly Size an Air Conditioning System

August 10, 2022

In the heat of the summer, it’s easy to assume that bigger is better when it comes to air conditioning (AC) systems. Obviously, if you have an air conditioner that’s too small in your Orem home, you will not be able to keep your temperatures consistently low even if the unit is running constantly.  However,…

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