ABT Atta Boy Trophy Winners

Atta Boy Winners Trip 2022.

The objective of this program is to recognize each other and celebrate who we are as a company and what we do well all day, every day.


Weekly -  Every week we at our company meeting we fill out "Atta Boy" tickets for others in the company.

Then we tally the "Atta Boy tickets" for each person and the person with the most in the week wins $20 Cash.

Monthly - We tally the winners of the weeky Atta Boy Trophy and the person who won the most in the previous month, wins lunch once per week paid by the company.

Yearly - The person with the most "Atta Boy" monthly wins will win a weekend trip to Falcons Ledge fishing club in Duchesne, UT for themselves and a guest.

Monthly Winner

October - Christine Dekker

Winner with 10 Nominations!

Weekly Winners

06/17/24 Winner - James Jensen

    1. For helping on the Provo Mall.
    2. Stopping and helping at Cliff Lake Lodge.
    3. For helping at 6 Lakes finish.

06/10/24 Winner - Stockton Maxfield

    1. Finding customers that are "mis-classified" and having Christine fix them.
    2. Getting Kneaders back on maintenance plans and selling it on both locations this time.
    3. For going on an after hours call for me while I was out.
    4. Selling two commercial maintenance plans to Kneaders.
    5. Sticking with an AC to figure out the problem.

06/03/24 Winner - Kysen Josephs

    1. Marking commercial type customers in Service Titan.
    2. Getting a google review.

05/28/24 Winner - Kysen Josephs

    1. For coming to help me with underground after a changeout.
    2. For getting down and dirty in the Debbie crawlspace.

05/13/24 Winner - Kysen Josephs

    1. For continuing to get the duct run fast at Forrest.
    2. For doing a change out that took a lot of work.
    3. Staying late to finish Dr. Clarks install.
    4. For working alone to get heat runs in at Walnut Grove.

05/06/24 Winner - Kysen Josephs

    1. For helping finish the Forret Phillips house.
    2. For doing a change out with a customer over their shoulder all day.
    3. For working hard digging trenches all day Friday.
    4. For completing his first underground duct.
    5. Doing a good job continuing the underground duct at the Holt sports court.

04/29/24 Winner - Christian Stinson

    1. For helping duct Forrest Phillips.
    2. For swapping an AC by himself.

04/22/24 Winner - James Jensen

    1. Working up new estimate for Orem Laundromat.
    2. Fixing sensor at Barnes & Noble.
    3. Finding plugged condenser coil at Fox Hollow.

04/15/24 Winner - James Jensen

    1. For finding bad transformer at 333.
    2. For helping move roof top at 333.
    3. For helping with the Hoops install.
    4. For making a list of commercial accounts that needed to be changed from residential to commercial, even though he forgot about it until Stockton found one 🙂 hahaha

04/08/24 Winner - Stockton Maxfield

    1. For helping move the pool unit.
    2. Disconnecting unit heater at Barnes & Noble Sandy, chasing down thermostat wire.
    3. Installing registers at Barnes & Noble Sandy.
    4. Scrapping out both RTU's almost all by himself.

04/01/24 Winner - Stockton Maxfield

  1. Coming to help out at Mega Diamond.
  2. For helping with the change out.
  3. For getting the AC vacuumed down on the change out.
  4. Getting start up sheet filled out for RTU 1 at Barnes & Noble.
  5. For completing start up sheets on Barnes & Noble.

03/25/24 Winner - Stockton Maxfield

  1. Working  on adding the 1" extensions too  the aluminum duct by himself, for a while.
  2. Helping out at T-Mobile before and after his mall inspection job.
  3. Finding a way to feel all the control wire through the roof at Barnes & Noble.
  4. For taking the furnace at Justin Atwood's out by himself and capping the gas line.

03/18/24 Winner - Ryan Keys

  1. Helping with show
  2. For doing  underground Park City.
  3. Catching the plasma cutter going off program so it didn't ruin a sheet of aluminum.
  4. For making sure we got the aluminum built and claimed our territory in Park City.
  5. For getting the blue duct installed in a tight trench in Park City.

03/11/24 Winner - Ryan Keys

  1. For getting down and dirty in the trenches.
  2. For making sure we get the wires ran at Barnes & Noble fast.

03/04/24 Winner - James Jensen

  1. Finding model and serial #'s on Central Buildings East & West
  2. Answering my after hours call on Saturday morning.
  3. For finding leak at Suite 2100.
  4. For gathering information for all units at Central Park East and West.

02/12/24 Winner - James Jensen

  1. For making the time for Chris Gourley.
  2. Doing research on his own time for Fujitsu units to prepare for a service call.
  3. For taking two last-minute service calls on Friday.

02/05/24 Winner - Stockton Maxfield

  1. Getting Shonbeck's addition AC ready to go.
  2. For connecting the lineset, sucking down, and recharging the units at Brian's.
  3. For vacuuming AC units in the rain.

01/29/24 Winner - Christian Stinson

  1. Coming out to help at the Provo Mall.
  2. Coming out to help at Brian Shonbecks.
  3. For helping swap a furnace in Altanah.
  4. For passing his RMGA the first time!
  5. For helping run duct at the Dusty remodel.

01/22/24 Winner - Ryan Keys

  1. Saving 2 gallons duct puddy from freezing.
  2. Working on a wet slippery roof at Barnes & Noble.
  3. Working under a heat run getting blasted.

01/15/24 Winner - Ryan Keys

  1. For staying late at the Larry Payne job.
  2. Coming to help out at JCPenney.
  3. Taking care of the Orem rental job.
  4. For running wire and conduit at Barnes & Noble.

01/09/24 Winner - Ryan Keys

  1. For running wire at furniture Row.
  2. For earning his fork lift certificate.
  3. Cutting out the actuator assembly at JCPenney.

01/02/24 Winner - Stockton Maxfield

  1. Sticking with the RTU to figure out why the economizer wouldn't open at Big Lots.
  2. Working on the split system at Wilson Diamond.
  3. Staying at Wilson Diamond to vacuum all by himself.

12/26/23 Winner - Christine Dekker

  1. For getting everyone Christmas gifts.
  2. Keeping on top of ordering filters & service parts.
  3. Helping to figure out time sheets.
  4. Trying to get a hold of Steve Pruitt for me.

12/18/23 Winner - Ryan Keys

  1. Working late at Forrest Phillips
  2. For working hard to get Forrest furnace installed.
  3. For getting up close with a fart furnace for a change out.

12/04/23 Winner - Ryan Keys

  1. For helping me get the lift out of being stuck high centered in Heber.
  2. For working on the roof while it's snowing at Wilson Diamonds.
  3. For finding two additional fart fans that needed ran at Cliff Lake.
  4. For finding a way to get the wire through the roof top fan at Heber.
  5. For getting the long linesets ran and connected fast at Wilson Diamonds.

11/27/23 Winner - Stockton Maxfield

  1. Coming to help get economizer on roof at building 333.
  2. Finding the low voltage short at Mega Diamond South.
  3. For helping Christian at Wilson Diamond.


11/20/23 Winner - James Jensen

  1. For taking the time to train Christine on ordering parts.
  2. For keeping the communications open with Christine.
  3. Taking on more responsibility with sales calls and estimates.
  4. Getting the flow selector box ready for Wilson Diamonds.
  5. Taking on all service calls while Stockton was in his RMGA Training.
  6. For climbing in duct for Timp Apartments.
  7. For getting in duct at AFCU.


11/13/23 Winner - Stockton Maxfield

  1. Good notes on CB Cycle Work.
  2. Helping out with maintenance at Vineyard strip mall.
  3. Bringing 5/8" zoom lock couplers for Wilson Diamonds flow box.
  4. Having the top driving score weekly.
  5. Finishing up Tukuafu.


11/06/23 Winner - Ryan Keys

  1. For running duct fast and clean at the Utah State building.
  2. For making sure we got the remodel at the Utah State building done.
  3. For working alone at Furniture Row.


10/30/23 Winner - Ryan Keys

  1. For making sure we get the remodel at Furniture Row done.
  2. For re-running a long thermostat wire at Furniture Row.
  3. For getting a large heavy fire damper out by himself.


10/23/23 Winner - Christine Dekker

  1. Being here to answer phones by herself.
  2. Pulling filters for jobs.
  3. Adjusting schedule to keep thing moving efficiently.
  4. For having filters ready for maintenance.


10/16/23 Winner - Ryan Keys

  1. For building all of Big Lots
  2. For helping get all the large grills installed at Furniture Row
  3. For doing a clean furnace changeout
  4. For helping with getting all the duct cut and insulated for Big Lots

10/09/23 Winner - Ryan Keys

  1. For doing a good job starting a difficult return at USU Remodel.
  2. For making sure we ran duct quickly but also look clean at USU remodel.
  3. For doing a clean furnace change out.
  4. For making sure we got what the super wanted done at Furniture Row remodel.

10/02/23 Winner - Christine Dekker

  1. Pulling filters for Mt Pleasant Aquatic Center.
  2. For making sure trainings were scheduled.
  3. Taking on filter stock and ordering.
  4. For making sure Juan Lopez was paid in full.
  5. Managing the memberships and filling service schedule.
  6. For killing it on membership sales.

9/25/23 Winner - James Jenson

  1. For helping on crane day.
  2. For helping cut the holes for the curbs at Big Lots.
  3. For helping set the RTU's at Big Lots.
  4. For helping with economizers at Big Lots.
  5. For taking the time to explain tome the difference on Aprilaire filters.
  6. For working through EOS's many RTU problems.


9/18/23 Winner - Ryan Keys

  1. For teaching me more about setting roof top curbs.
  2. Taking the lead on Big Lots.
  3. For making sure we wired the heat pump correctly this time.
  4. For working hard at Big Lots all week.
  5. For leading crews on Big Lots.
  6. For Big Lots duct cut ins.
  7. For AFCU installing return at 6:30am.
  8. For being willing to work later than expected at Big Lots.


9/11/23 Winner - Ryan Keys

  1. For figuring why the rooftop A/C wasn't sucking down then getting the microns under 200.
  2. Getting a full change out done by 3pm.
  3. Thinking outside the box when vacuuming.
  4. For figuring out a good way to connect the underground gas pipe.
  5. For doing the quickest furnace install yet.
  6. For giving good tips on building duct.


9/04/23 Winner - Ryan Keys

  1. For doing a good job on the gas line at Tukuafu.
  2. For coming up with a good plan for how to run the conduit in Heber.
  3. For figuring out the problem with Trudy's AC starting quickly.
  4. For doing a really clean furnace install for Trudy's friend.


8/28/23 Winner - Stockton Maxfield

1. For figuring out #6 Fan low ambient set up without any help
2. Going to help with some finish work at Jiffy Lube
3. Cleaning the coils at building 333
4. For helping install low ambient kits at EOS

8/21/23 Winner - Christian Stinton

  1. For connecting fart fans at Clifflake.
  2. For helping move the AC on a remodel.
  3. For connecting the AC at Jex.
  4. For installing difficult heat runs on a remodel.

8/14/23 Winner - James Jenson

  1. For keeping his van clean all week.
  2. For replacing that filthy compressor at EOS.
  3. For staying late to finish the motor at DP.
  4. For finding the crack on the motor at DP.
  5. Keeping on top of his parts ordering and sending pics so it's easier for Christine.
  6. For switching on call weeks with Ryan so he can enjoy his son's birthday.
  7. For showing me the fun way to deal with a compressor burn out.

8/7/23 Winner - Ryan Keys

  1. For installing the heat pump system for Mahala.
  2. For giving advice on what to look for when creating estimates.
  3. For crawling around in mouse poop all day.
  4. For getting the coil and furnace out of the crawl space change out.
  5. For getting two large heat runs into a tight attic at Tukuafu.
  6. For getting the return on the main floor done at Tukuafu.
  7. For getting a good braze on the line sets in one try at the crawl space change out.

7/31/23 Winner - Eric Ferrin

  1. For being a trooper out in the field.
  2. For managing the obstacle of the additional wire needed to the outdoor unit.
  3. For making sure all materials were collected for the AC & coil swap.
  4. For passing along a lead that led to a sale.
  5. Braving the heat and helping out with Stockton.

7/24/23 Winner - James Jenson

  1. For passing along sales leads.
  2. For giving advice on how to sale to certain customers.
  3. For picking up service calls after Stockton got hurt.
  4. For staying late to get Claudia's job done.
  5. For finding where Bob's noise was coming from.

7/17/23 Winner - Ryan Keys

  1. For installing the PVC flu at the cabin.
  2. For cutting many holes at the cabin.
  3. For working hard every day at the cabin.
  4. For getting all the supply duct hung at the cabin.
  5. For doing a good job modifying all the transitions and making it look clean as possible.
  6. For resisting temptation to go down to the lake day one at the cabin.
  7. For working his tail off at Six Lakes.

7/10/23 Winner - Stockton Maxfield

  1. For passing along leads to me.
  2. For figuring out why the core max fitting was not working.
  3. For gathering up the pipe for the install job.
  4. For referring the Jepperson job to the install dept.
  5. For referring the Low job to the install dept.
  6. For referring the Robinson job to the install dept.

6/26/23 Winner - Ryan Keys

  1. For getting himself deep in insulation to cut several holes to connect the duct that was never connected in Springville Canyon.
  2. For finding out why the grill had no airflow in the canyon.
  3. For doing the hood vent for Daren.
  4. For finding out the best way to hang the hose exhausts in Heber.
  5. For helping get the RTU out of Big Lots in one try.
  6. For finding out the best way to fix the duct that someone in Heber broke.

6/19/23 Winner - Eric Ferrin

  1. Finding service jobs out of the rain.
  2. Helping me on Layton Check City.
  3. For helping make sure payment was secure from a new sale.
  4. Finding and quoting Johnson controls valve for Millstream properties.
  5. Helping figure out a solution for water at JCPenney.
  6. Bringing out materials to Cherice Thomson job.

6/12/23 Winner - Eric Ferrin

  1. Putting together "goodie bag" of misc. parts after I lost mine.
  2. Staying on top of the latest told and tech tips and tricks to keep ABT on the cutting edge.
  3. Going back to Transcend Tattoos to find air handler.
  4. Working to find a solution for leaking line sets at Palladium.
  5. Getting together supplies so I could take care of Check City same day.
  6. Pricing out exhaust motors for Mega Diamond.
  7. Getting EcoBee and sensors together for Claudia's office building.
  8. For helping me go through the orifices manual to find out which size to use.
  9. For helping me prep the condenser and furnace in the shop.
  10. For taking the time to go over the process of recovering refrigerant and vacuuming down the containers.

6/05/23 Winner - James Jensen

  1. For going back to fill out the start-up paperwork at AFCU.
  2. For finding the short in the wires at our old shop.
  3. For going on estimates with Michael and showing him what to look for.
  4. For meeting Stockton at Dastrup to drop off his van.
  5. For showing Ryan & Christian what to do at Mega Diamond.
  6. Teaching Michael different types of job estimates.
  7. For reaching his accessory goal for the month of May.
  8. For taking the service badge back to Mega Diamond after I accidentally took it.
  9. For helping diagnose Cooper.
  10. For pulling all the filter boxes on the roof with a rope at Mega Diamond.
  11. For picking up filters for Mega Diamond and taking them to Stockton.

5/29/23 Winner - Christian Stinson

  1. For learning about high voltage, the hard way.
  2. For doing demo on a changeout.
  3. For installing heat runs at 333.
  4. For helping place the MVA in Heber.
  5. For building sheet metal in Heber.

5/22/23 Winner - Eric Ferrin

  1. Helping out at Beany's To Go with getting the thermostat installed.
  2. Offering to take after hours call on my anniversary night.
  3. Staying late to let me go to the bathroom before locking up.
  4. Lending me his holesaw kit.
  5. Picking up parts for Therapy Utah.
  6. Emptying trash trailer and scrapping units.
  7. Prepping all the equipment for installs.
  8. Getting together gas parts and fittings for 454 E 100 S PG job.
  9. Having a picture of the wiring for HOA Hamlet.

5/15/23 Winner - Ryan Keys

  1. For doing a good job getting the old RTU off and new one on fast at Mega Diamond.
  2. For getting us a free pizza at Pier 49
  3. For fighting with a overheating van all week.
  4. For doing a good job directing the crane at Mega Diamond.
  5. For figuring out how to install & wire the smoke detector on the RTU at Mega Diamond.
  6. For cutting out the curb perfectly to fit level onto the slanted roof in Heber.
  7. For taking perfect measurements to make tapping the exhaust pipe into the rest of the duct really easy.
  8. Putting his life on the line to get the large fan onto the roof in Heber

5/08/23 Winner - Christian Stinson

  1. Working with me to get foam insulation installed in curbs.
  2. For AFCU - running up & down keeping everyone in parts.
  3. For running a dryer vent in a rough crawl space.
  4. For helping get the MUA to Heber.
  5. For his help at the Credit Union.
  6. For being willing to work on Saturday.

5/01/23 Winner - Eric Ferrin

  1. Ordering tools and parts to help make jobs easier.
  2. For bringing high voltage wire to ROI.
  3. Helping Stockton over the phone at Cowboy Donuts.
  4. Reaching way more than its goal for the month of April.
  5. For always being a phone call away if I'm stuck on a job.
  6. For helping me with Brent's after-hours call.
  7. Balancing office and field work, always willing to help out over the phone.
  8. For making Christine's birthday a special one by decorating her desk.
  9. For always being on top of everything and being an awesome office manager.
  10. For helping with the ROI sale.

4/24/23 Winner - Stockton Maxfield

  1. For showing Christian the recovery process.
  2. For being thorough for Carrie Ann to make sure she has a great working system.
  3. For covering service by himself while James was out of town.
  4. For helping make sure we finished the job at Carrie's house in one day.
  5. For being thorough at ROI to find issues that we can take care of now so they will have less down time in the summer.
  6. Working on converting Chevy into service van.

4/17/23 Winner - Ryan Keys

  1. For making sure the microwave vent install looked clean.
  2. For removing the T grid at EOS and putting it back together without making a mess.
  3. for working with me on my first sale.
  4. For doing a really clean looking install at the Riggs.
  5. For figuring out Absolute Air's messing wiring.
  6. For coming up with a good plan to hang all the duct in Heber.
  7. For eating granny lint to replace the old grills at EOS.
  8. Ryan for providing good customer service at all the residential jobs this week.

4/10/23 Winner - Christian Stinson

  1. For helping hang a unit heater.
  2. Helping out at Mega Diamond lugging around the compressors.
  3. Helping the service guys lug up all the stuff at Mega Diamond.
  4. For helping run stats at building 7.
  5. For helping install gas line at Millstream.
  6. For running CO sensor wires in Heber.

4/3/23 Winner - Stockton Maxfield

1. For helping me get the used furnace ready for the install on Friday.
2. For helping me learn how to maintenance a furnace and how to braze.
3. For training Christian on how to do maintenances.
4. Going back up on the EOS roof to make sure we had the pictures we needed.
5. Disconnecting and reconnecting the motor and fan from the RTU at AFCU.
6. Prepping the used furnace for install.
7. For showing Christian how to braze while adding stubs on the remaining AC's.
8. Going through his van to familiarize himself with contents and stock of van.
9. For working on the roof multiple days in the snow and rain and not complaining once.

3/27/23 Winner - James Jensen

  1. For helping Stockton figure out the second stage gas valve.
  2. For going on an after-hours call.
  3. For leading the training this week.
  4. For getting 5 after hours pages over the weekend.
  5. For getting a 5-star review from Kirk Lindahl.
  6. For staying late Friday to get Asahi heat.
  7. For getting a customer heat even though he had to put chains on his van and dig himself out to get there and back with the snow.
  8. For helping the install dept by moving the steam humidifier for them at Shaw.

3/20/23 Winner - James Jensen

  1. For fixing the Dastrups water heater flue.
  2. For getting a 5 star review from JJ.
  3. For being interested in getting more training to make himself a better tech.
  4. For helping with exhaust fans at EOS.
  5. For taking Michael with him and showing him how an evolution system works.

3/13/23 Winner - Ryan Keys

  1. For making sure we get all the flex ran at Big Lots.
  2. For cutting the sheet metal for the jobs we needed on the plasma table for us this week.
  3. For doing the demo by himself at the Shaw house.
  4. For making sure we get the Eagle Mountain job done quick so we could get a head start on the Shaw job.
  5. For thinking skinny thoughts in the Eagle Mountain basement to get a hard to reach 90 on the duct.
  6. For throwing up the heat runs fast at the Shaw house.
  7. For figuring out a good way to install the 3-flux next to each other at the Shaw house.

3/6/23 Winner - Christian Stinson

  1. Cleaning R/A grills at EOS.
  2. For cleaning grills at EOS.
  3. For delivering sheet metal to Big Lots.
  4. For insulating duct in a crawl space.

2/27/23 Winner - Stockton Maxfield

  1. Helping out at EOS.
  2. For knowing exactly what size allen wrench was needed for a furnace gas valve off the top of his head.
  3. For figuring out the supports on the heat exchanger were upside down.

2/20/23 Winner - John Falcones

  1. For working fast at Big Lots
  2. For helping get the curbs on the roof at Big Lots
  3. For picking up materials for Big Lots
  4. For fixing the vent at EOS
  5. For taking time to make sure I understood what we are doing
  6. Helping do drains at EOS & cleaning roof

2/13/23 Winner - Ryan Keys

  1. For always being the first one at the shop in the mornings.
  2. For not giving me a hard time about stealing the box of money at the party.
  3. For letting John and I throw up the duct at Battle Grove and making sure it's done right.
  4. For multitasking and kicking butt on Thursday at Battle Grove.
  5. For teaching me how to cut gas line and trusting me to do it on my own.
  6. Doing a great job with keeping time line on Battle Grove houses.

2/6/23 Winner - Christian Stinson

  1. For learning the pipe threading machine and running it all day at Battle Grove.
  2. For hanging duct at Big Lots.
  3. For helping the service guys on Mega Diamond.

1/30/23 Winner - James Jensen

  1. For sticking with AFCU to get the job done right.
  2. For finding the leak on Adam's system.
  3. For staying late to fix the Cooper leak.

1/23/23 Winner - Eric Ferrin

  1. For always being there for us at the office.
  2. Tracking down the right condensation drain for Spring Creek.
  3. For covering Christine when she was out with a migraine.
  4. Bringing the Daikin controller to Cooper home.

1/16/23 Winner - James Jensen

  1. For taking Stockton's after hours call on Friday.
  2. For realizing that the motor was wrong for Mega Diamond.
  3. For staying late at AFCU and still going on an after-hours call.
  4. For putting great pictures/notes on Valvoline.

1/09/23 Winner - Ryan Keys

  1. For getting soaked in rain the last couple of weeks.
  2. For teaching me how to splice correctly and trusting me to do it on my own.
  3. For staying patient at EOW figuring out the stat and sensor wire situation.

1/02/23 Winner - John Falcones

  1. Passing his driving test!
  2. Building and insulating the duct for Brighton by himself.
  3. For all his hard work he does and keeping a great attitude!
  4. Passing his driver's license test!
  5. For passing his written driver's test!
  6. For helping with Mini split line set.

12/27/22 Winner - James Jensen


  1. For going to help Ryan at the Small job.
  2. For figuring out what was wrong at Coopers.
  3. For finishing the Mark Loveless fireplace and checking all aspects of the unit operation to make sure it worked the way it was suppose to.
  4. For staying late on a holiday weekend to ensure customer had heat

12/19/22 Winner - Stockton Maxfield 


  1. Helping fill in on commercial and being a big help.
  2. For hanging unit heaters and thermostats at building 7.
  3. For hanging spiral at Mega Diamond in the cold.
  4. Installing a gas valve after being shown once.
  5. For correctly diagnosing an inducer motor at the mall and putting all of the info into ST so I could find it without calling him.
  6. For helping out with commercial this week even though he has never done it and did a great job!
  7. For working swing shift and then coming into work the next day at 8am.

12/12/22 Winner - Stockton Maxfield 


  1. For paying off all of the tools in his tool account. (Now he can get some more).
  2. For working great as a team to be as efficient as possible and get as many service calls done as possible.
  3. For doing as much as he could at Del Huffakers before I got there.

12/5/22 Winner - Christine Dekker 


  1. Decorating and bringing the Christmas spirit to the office.
  2. Bringing up maintenance on service calls and selling them or at least making it a warm transaction for the Tech.
  3. For coming into work even though she was not feeling well to cover for me while in training.
  4. For doing a great job juggling scheduling, 2 service guys and keeping them busy.

11/28/22 Winner - Ryan Keys 


  1. For always having a positive attitude.
  2. For fixing my wiring mistake.
  3. For teaching his knowledge of zone boards.

10/24/22 Winner - Eric 


  1. Bringing stuff to help finish at Utah State, them sticking around to help out.
  2. Bringing parts out to Lindon Precision.
  3. For coming out in the field to help me when I got stuck on a job.

10/17/22 Winner - Chris Bartlett


  1. Forklift on new RTUs
  2. For doing a great job on big ass fans
  3. First time flaring and 2/3 units were solid

10/10/22 Winner - Stockton Maxfield

  1. For selling an accessory on his second maintenance by himself.
  2. Getting the rest of his basic tools.
  3. Getting familiar with the York RTU's for maintenance.
  4. For delivering 3 condensing units to a job, even though he forgot the dolly.

10/03/22 Winner - James Jensen

  1. For selling a better maintenance agreement, selling accessories and getting a review last week.
  2. For selling two change outs last week.
  3. For getting his reviews to Christine before she asked for them.
  4. For staying late to get a job done.
  5. For staying late on Friday to get the Tiberius job done.

9/26/22 Winner - Ryan Keys

  1. For doing a good job on mini splits at the car wash.
  2. For making sure that things not only get done right, but that they look good.
  3. His ability to learn and perform flares as they should be done.
  4. Doing a great job on the Dastrup Auto gas lines and Mini Split.

9/19/22 Winner - Eric

  1. For making sure to get paid on a warranty job so we don't have to try to collect later.
  2. For doing research on ECM motors and figuring out which ones we need to stock.

9/12/22 Winner - Eric

  1. For covering service while James was out
  2. For building sheet metal to the correct measurements

8/21/22 Winner - Stockton

  1. Sticking with Interplay training.
  2. For sticking with interplay & earning enough points for a multimeter.

8/15/22 Winner - Christine Dekker

  1. For picking up a dead bird that was by the front doors and throwing it away.
  2. Keeping the service schedule running smoothly.
  3. For always being pleasant and cheerful and looking for ways to help the service dept.
  4. Selling maintenance agreements and keeping with potential clients to the end.
  5. For being a maintenance selling machine.

8/1/22 Winner - James Jensen

  1. For finding my tool that I left behind on a job.
  2. For getting a great review from Dakota.

6/24/22 Winner - Eric Ferrin

  1. Working on finding the right motor for Kneaders.
  2. For toughen it out last week while he was sick.
  3. Covering service Friday afternoon.

6/17/22 Winner - James Jensen

  1. For keeping Christine updated when using materials off his van so they can be ordered.
  2. Answering an after hours call at 1:30 am.
  3. For picking up the slack while I was on vacation.
  4. For getting a review from Brittany Lewis.

6/8/22 Winner - William Brizuela

  1. On learning how to use tools properly and assist on installs.
  2. Learning and helping us.

5/27/22 Winner - James Jensen

  1. For rockin it with his accessory and maintenance sales!
  2. For being an awesome salesman and selling a 16 seer A/C to Vince Massa.
  3. For selling a ton of maintenances last week.
  4. He helped me move some boxes without being asked.

5/20/22 Winner - James Jensen

  1. For selling a full system with a 16 Seer AC to Mountain West.
  2. For letting me know whenever he uses something off his truck so it can be replaced.

5/13/22 Winner - James Jensen

  1. For helping me find my watch under the water.
  2. For coming to the company party.
  3. For caring about customers and wanting to help them if they are struggling.

5/6/22 Winner - Eric Ferrin

  1. For making Christine's birthday a special day by decorating her desk.
  2. For covering service calls while James is on vacation.
  3. Getting Hank Nelson's heat exchanger ready.

4/22/22 Winner - Cameron Taylor

  1. Asking about training opportunities and certifications.
  2. For wanting to do better and get certifications.

4/15/22 Winner - James Jensen

  1. For working towards getting his NATE and always wanting to become a better Tech.
  2. For passing his NATE core test first try and immediately taking his gas furnace specialty and passing with no studying.

4/8/22 Winner - James Jensen

  1. Making sure to label the compressors that had blue on in it.
  2. For roping off his ladder at check city.
  3. Full compressor changeout on Claudia's Poolpac by himself.

4/1/22 Winner - Christine Dekker

  1. Following up consistently on Teams for Atta Boys.
  2. For calling on past due accounts to collect without being asked to.
  3. Getting maintenance renewals this month.
  4. For always looking for ways to help out.
  5. Doing a great job with collections.

3/25/22 Winner - James Stout

  1. For staying late to clean up and finish up the mini splits at the job.
  2. Staying to get the job done at the shop and was the only one always working.

3/18/22 Winner - James Jensen

  1. For washing his van and organizing it.
  2. For selling an ECM Surge Protector accessory on an ECM motor replacement for Herbert.

3/4/22 Winner - Cameron Taylor

  1. Being a big help with moving.
  2. For helping with the move.

2/28/22 Winner - Christine Dekker

  1. For calling and trying to get people renewed on Maintenance.
  2. For working on collections and getting us paid.
  3. Doing a great job handling phone calls with customers, she is able to remain pleasant and professional and convey information appropriately.

2/14/22 Winner -Eric Ferrin

  1. For working to figure out the check city situation.
  2. For helping make transfer air boxes for Therapy Utah.
  3. For having supplies for jobs lined up and ready to go.
  4. For giving Christine projects to keep her busy.
  5. For covering Christine when she was out with a Migraine.

1/17/22 Winner - James Jensen

  1. For being proactive with the Team's App.
  2. For always providing a pleasant experience for customers as well as growing his diagnostic skills.
  3. Billing for time and services efficiently. (Charging for extra time & materials when things go wrong and not our fault


1/10/22 Winner - Adam Bilodeau

  1. Working late to help get assisted living home up and running.
  2. Making it to work with a great attitude last Monday after his flight landed 6 hrs earlier.
  3. For getting back in town early Monday morning and still coming to work.
  4. For always working hard.


1/3/22 Winner - James Jensen

  1. Going to Vernal for PoolPak by himself and finishing it up.
  2. For his detailed notes/pictures on jobs.
  3. For hustling to get 6 calls done in one day.


12/27/21 Winner - James Jensen

  1. For getting a review from Michael Sanders.
  2. For getting up to do his first call in the morning even after not getting home from his job at 1 in the morning.


12/20/21 Winner - James Jensen

  1. For getting a review from Matt Landsparger
  2. For getting a review from Alena Rodriguez
  3. For diagnosing his first fireplace
  4. For getting a review from Mike Baczuk


12/13/21 Winner - James Jensen

1. Taking on PoolPak units head on and nailing it.
2. For getting more comfortable with PoolPak and giving estimates for repair.

12/6/21 Winner - James Jensen

1. For getting a review from Brooke Goulding.
2. For reaching his average ticket goal for November as well as his maintenance agreement and accessory sales goals.

11/29/21 Winner - James Jensen

1. For always being willing to put in the extra time it takes to make sure the job is done right before he leaves.
2. For going to Adam Millward's first thing in the morning without having to be told and taking care of a fantastic maintenance member.

11/22/21 Winner - James Jensen

1. Getting a review from Te Lawrence!
2. Reaching his maintenance agreement goal not even half way through the month!
3. Selling a powered humidifier on anther call!
4. Staying on task at the City of St. George PoolPac job!

11/15/21 Winner - Jarrell Bautista

1. Selling a REME replacement bulb on a call back job!
2. Getting a review from Don Goodrich!
3. Turning a call back into a positive customer experience and selling an accessory!
4. Selling an add on off a call back!
5. For good work in the attic!

11/8/21 Winner - Adam Bilodeau

1. For checking tire on trailer before going to dump and filling one up with air.
2. Finishing first block of HVAC School.
3. Working hard.
4. Working hard no matter what he is working on.

11/1/21 Winner - James Jensen

1. For getting a review from a customer who has never left a review before
2. Making getting reviews easier by notifying office it was too hard.
3. For having an awesome idea about adding QR codes to business card to ask for reviews.
4. Getting multiple reviews in 1 week.

10/25/21 Winner - James Jensen

1. For turning a Blue Raven call into a potential maintenance customer.
2. For having low call back numbers.

10/18/21 Winner - James Stout

1. Finding the gas leak.
2. Doing a great job at Brent's house.
3. Finding gas leak at ROI Solutions.

James Stout 10/8/21

1. Being a good sport.
2. Getting 4 ARC Kits installed and running with little assistance.
3. Not being bothered by the rain.

Matt Hardman 10/1/21

1. Taking lead on installs and passing on his knowledge.
2. Investing in new tools.

James Stout 9/27/21

    1. Being a real cool guy
    2. Making a great tag team on installs

Ammon Clarkston

  1. Doing a great job putting the large fittings together by himself
  2. For helping with insulation
  3. Helping with all the duct building
  4. Staying on task by himself and having a great work ethic

Jarrell Bautista

  1. Being eager to learn new things and taking on responsibilities!
  2. For doing what we need him to do and not complaining!
  3. Hopping into commercial and doing a great job!
  4. Being eager to learn new things and taking on responsibilities!
  5. For doing what we need him to do and not complaining!
  6. Hopping into commercial and doing a great job!

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