ABT Atta Boy Trophy Winners

The objective of this program is to recognize each other and celebrate who we are as a company and what we do well all day, every day.


Weekly -  Every week we at our company meeting we fill out "Atta Boy" tickets for others in the company.

Then we tally the "Atta Boy tickets" for each person and the person with the most in the week wins $20 Cash.

Monthly - We tally the winners of the weeky Atta Boy Trophy and the person who won the most in the previous month, wins lunch once per week paid by the company.

Yearly - The person with the most "Atta Boy" monthly wins will win a weekend trip to Falcons Ledge fishing club in Duchesne, UT for themselves and a guest.

Weekly Winners

2/28/22 Winner - Christine Dekker

  1. For calling and trying to get people renewed on Maintenance.
  2. For working on collections and getting us paid.
  3. Doing a great job handling phone calls with customers, she is able to remain pleasant and professional and convey information appropriately.

2/14/22 Winner -Eric Ferrin

  1. For working to figure out the check city situation.
  2. For helping make transfer air boxes for Therapy Utah.
  3. For having supplies for jobs lined up and ready to go.
  4. For giving Christine projects to keep her busy.
  5. For covering Christine when she was out with a Migraine.

1/17/22 Winner - James Jensen

  1. For being proactive with the Team's App.
  2. For always providing a pleasant experience for customers as well as growing his diagnostic skills.
  3. Billing for time and services efficiently. (Charging for extra time & materials when things go wrong and not our fault


1/10/22 Winner - Adam Bilodeau

  1. Working late to help get assisted living home up and running.
  2. Making it to work with a great attitude last Monday after his flight landed 6 hrs earlier.
  3. For getting back in town early Monday morning and still coming to work.
  4. For always working hard.


1/3/22 Winner - James Jensen

  1. Going to Vernal for PoolPak by himself and finishing it up.
  2. For his detailed notes/pictures on jobs.
  3. For hustling to get 6 calls done in one day.


12/27/21 Winner - James Jensen

  1. For getting a review from Michael Sanders.
  2. For getting up to do his first call in the morning even after not getting home from his job at 1 in the morning.


12/20/21 Winner - James Jensen

  1. For getting a review from Matt Landsparger
  2. For getting a review from Alena Rodriguez
  3. For diagnosing his first fireplace
  4. For getting a review from Mike Baczuk


12/13/21 Winner - James Jensen

1. Taking on PoolPak units head on and nailing it.
2. For getting more comfortable with PoolPak and giving estimates for repair.

12/6/21 Winner - James Jensen

1. For getting a review from Brooke Goulding.
2. For reaching his average ticket goal for November as well as his maintenance agreement and accessory sales goals.

11/29/21 Winner - James Jensen

1. For always being willing to put in the extra time it takes to make sure the job is done right before he leaves.
2. For going to Adam Millward's first thing in the morning without having to be told and taking care of a fantastic maintenance member.

11/22/21 Winner - James Jensen

1. Getting a review from Te Lawrence!
2. Reaching his maintenance agreement goal not even half way through the month!
3. Selling a powered humidifier on anther call!
4. Staying on task at the City of St. George PoolPac job!

11/15/21 Winner - Jarrell Bautista

1. Selling a REME replacement bulb on a call back job!
2. Getting a review from Don Goodrich!
3. Turning a call back into a positive customer experience and selling an accessory!
4. Selling an add on off a call back!
5. For good work in the attic!

11/8/21 Winner - Adam Bilodeau

1. For checking tire on trailer before going to dump and filling one up with air.
2. Finishing first block of HVAC School.
3. Working hard.
4. Working hard no matter what he is working on.

11/1/21 Winner - James Jensen

1. For getting a review from a customer who has never left a review before
2. Making getting reviews easier by notifying office it was too hard.
3. For having an awesome idea about adding QR codes to business card to ask for reviews.
4. Getting multiple reviews in 1 week.

10/25/21 Winner - James Jensen

1. For turning a Blue Raven call into a potential maintenance customer.
2. For having low call back numbers.

10/18/21 Winner - James Stout

1. Finding the gas leak.
2. Doing a great job at Brent's house.
3. Finding gas leak at ROI Solutions.

James Stout 10/8/21

1. Being a good sport.
2. Getting 4 ARC Kits installed and running with little assistance.
3. Not being bothered by the rain.

Matt Hardman 10/1/21

1. Taking lead on installs and passing on his knowledge.
2. Investing in new tools.

James Stout 9/27/21

    1. Being a real cool guy
    2. Making a great tag team on installs

Ammon Clarkston

  1. Doing a great job putting the large fittings together by himself
  2. For helping with insulation
  3. Helping with all the duct building
  4. Staying on task by himself and having a great work ethic

Jarrell Bautista

  1. Being eager to learn new things and taking on responsibilities!
  2. For doing what we need him to do and not complaining!
  3. Hopping into commercial and doing a great job!
  4. Being eager to learn new things and taking on responsibilities!
  5. For doing what we need him to do and not complaining!
  6. Hopping into commercial and doing a great job!